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Odessa cuisine would be very tasty to you!

Can you imagine a healthy and pleasant in all respects without a proper rest, healthy and delicious food? Neither do we!

For the main menu of the Villa Pinia restaurant were elected many favorite classic dishes of European cuisine, but not without elements of the Ukrainian and in particular, Odessa cuisine would be very tasty to you! We prefer natural products purchased mainly on proven farms in our region. As is known, dishes made with quality, fresh ingredients have increased energy, nutritional and vitamin value. And in order to eat a meal – whether it’s a romantic dinner or a family dinner – it was as pleasant as possible, we have created in our restaurant special entourage.

If you decide to entrust our restaurant organization of your celebration, we will try supremely fit your idea of the perfect holiday. Throughout the day, at the disposal of guests – snacks and drinks (we know very well how can an appetite after a stay in the fresh air and outdoor activities!). In warm weather, you can enjoy dishes on the grill on the summer terrace by the pool.

Whiskey corner

Scottish adage States: there are no people who don’t like whisky, there are people who have not yet found their grade. And maybe you find the same one your grade in our Whiskey-corner is likely. If you have already defined your preferences in this matter, we will find exactly what you like. Whiskey on the right is recognized as one of the most precious and original drinks. “Personality traits” whiskey-colour, flavour, aroma, strength is dependent on the region, the term fdfdfvyderžki, blending, the type of grain used in its manufacture, and the individual characteristics of the brand manufacturer. Whiskey-corner Villa Pinia, undoubtedly will be as sophisticated lovers of the drink, and who only intends to join the culture of drinking whiskey and comprehend the riches of taste nuances of various his grades. It collected more than 40 varieties of whisky from the world’s best brands, each of which is original and interesting in its own way.