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You are at a right place!

Would you like for some period of time completely strike out from the lexicon words such as “haste”, “stress”, “problems”, “tiredness”, “boredom”, “troubles” and other troubles of everyday life? Do you dream of accomplishing escape from vain, noisy week-days, forgetting about time and monotonous routine? If your answer is “yes”, then you – are at a right place!

In fact we are certainly known for the recipe of good rest: to the coziness and comfort to add unobtrusive attention and sincere caring of personnel, to mix up the relaxed idleness with active entertainments, to give under the sauce of cordiality and hospitality. Is it really possible to withstand? Taking your choice in behalf on the hotel of Villa Pinia, be ready to get something greater, than simply a set of standard services and hotel options: here you will feel all plenitude of life and serene lightness of life. We invite you in space of eco-lifestyle is another measuring of rest and relaxation. With us you can take the liberty of « dolce far niente », as they say Italians, is “sweet idleness”, that, by the way, it can successfully complement revitalizing rituals in a SPA zone. At the same time we offer the spectrum of services that will give your rest of dynamic variety and will present lots of pied emotions. We follow the gold standards of service absolutely, and, at the same time, we inlay caring and heartfelt heat in everything, that we do. We value the best traditions of sphere of hotel business, but here we are open for interesting innovations and fresh tendencies. The choice of an Italian Pinia as a symbol – a wonderful strong tree draw able high into the air the majestic crown, we follow wise natural laws, aiming constantly to grow, develop, extend the circle of possibilities and becoming is better every day. Due to the format, Villa Pinia can become an excellent choice for romantic vacations together, enthralling domestic rest and corporate journeys. And for those, who appeared in Odessa with business aims, a residence in Villa Pinia is excellent possibility to combine the decision of business-tasks with useful and pleasant leisure. 16 comfortable numbers are subdivided into categories “Standard”, ” Suite “, “Apartment”. We suppose that would be a nearly crime to allow to you to live in a hotel at a sea and not to have the opportunity to admire stunning landscape from a window, therefore from every number a kind is opened on a coast and, besides, there is a mini-terrace An interior and exterior of hotel are ideally entered in the general context of our philosophy. No floridity, heavy fervor and deliberate lux, in priority is the refined elegance, soft expression of natural color palette, use of natural materials.

Our philosophy and principles of “green economy”

Actuality of eco-topics swiftly spines in the developed countries of the world, embracing all possible spheres of human life. Today much more, what before, paid attention naturalness of producible and consumed products, cosmetic, domestic facilities, textile, materials for building and arrangement of house etc. Villa Pinia became the first in the region of eco-hotel and continues actively to develop the ideas of harmonious coexistence with an environment and reasonable manage in accordance with principles of green “green economy”. In basis of our conception is an endless dialogue with nature beneficial and generous, but however needing our caring. The values of eco-philosophy spread in Villa Pinia literally on everything, “from a kitchen to laundry”. Water is not only filtered here but also soften. For maintenance of cleanness harmless and organic cleansers corresponding to the international standards and confirmed by certificates are used in a hotel only ecologically. Another feature of eco-hotel Villa Pinia is a consumption of the least of energy on maintenance of vital functions of hotel. High level of isolation of windows, use of economy lamps for illumination, special coverage of facade, saving greater part of energy and other modern energy-saving technologies.


Quiet green streets, wonderfully equipped with modern amenities beaches, picturesque embankment that so invites on a walk, is all Big Fountain and his outskirts. The special natural and climatic terms assist making healthy, increase of vital tone and releasing from the negative consequences of stress situations as good as possible. And if it will want to visit famous places, admire architectural splendor of historical center, to become acquainted with cultural heritage of city or dipped in the pied world of entertainments, you may need quite little time on that, to appear in the heart of Odessa.


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