Villa Pinia

Hotel services


Today one can speak boldly about Odessa as the modern resort of European level, differences. We present to your attention and service of a hotel by the sea Villa Pinia. Here is everything possible and impossible to rest in Odessa, was remembered and you will want to come again.


Concierge service

Employees of our concierge service are not taken to assert that everyone knows. But for you – find out! They will recommend, find, organize , negotiate , reserve and do all that to get the name of your personal assistant.



At the words “summer vacation”, one of the most common images that gives our imagination – is hypnotic, alluring surface of the pool, the sunlight playing on the water surface and comfortable lounge chairs, invite to recreation. Well, imagine? And while you fantasize about someone already basking at the edge of our wonderful pool. Join now!



For the main menu of the Villa Pinia restaurant were elected many favorite classic dishes of European cuisine, but not without elements of the Ukrainian and in particular, Odessa cuisine would be very tasty to you,


Sauna wood-fired with providing spa treatments

Guests who visited our bath with wood, said that they feel ease euphoria, serenity, harmony of body and soul, though all experienced on the eve of stress, fatigue and blurred or unpleasant thoughts literally – evaporated. Evaluate the merits of our baths, virtuosity bath-masters and share their feelings. It offers – cold pool, rain shower, and a wide selection of spa treatments.

SPA area


You can not imagine your life without a pet? Or will be very worry when precious pet so far from you? We understand your concerns. Your four-legged friends are welcome to relax with you! By the way, if you only wish – we will acquire all the necessary accessories for beloved pet.


Bicycle rent

As say experienced bicyclists if you love to ride – love and ride! And so we will make sure that you will enjoy a walk on the bike when you want it. Also we prompt the best routes for you! Salubrious sea air, enchanting scenery, indescribable feeling of freedom, the cries of seagulls mischievous (and maybe your favorite playlist in the headphones?) – The concentration favor and enjoyment by bike riding in the coastal zone is unbelievable!


Private yacht

Have you ever rode on a yacht? If – yes, we sure that you like to repeat it again. And more than once. And if no, then you will certainly need to try this! Why? Because walking on a yacht on the sea – it’s amazing, impressive, exciting, amazing… Oh, how many epithets not pick and put into words this feeling incredibly difficult. We invite you to go through all multicolored emotions associated with the journey under sail, becoming the passenger snowy beauties Atalante – our own yacht, available for rent on the terms of a time charter or bareboat charter.



If you’re curious, looking for thrills of learning something unknown before and strive to learn more about these places, we are pleased to help you to discover new horizons. We will arrange for you enthralling eco-tours to the most interesting parts of our region, as well as informative wine tours, during which you will not only get acquainted with the peculiarities of cultivation and production processes, but also appreciate the special charm of southern wines during professional tastings.