Useful information

  1. General.
    1. Mode Hotel – around the clock.
  2. Order booking conditions settlement, residence and order of payment.
    1. Prices for accommodation in eco-hotel «Villa Pinia» established by order of the Director of the hotel «Villa Pinia».
    2. accommodation fee will be charged in accordance with the uniform checkout time – 12:00 of the current day local time.
    3. time settlement in eco-hotel «Villa Pinia» – 14:00. Settlement from 06:30 to 14:00 hours considered an early arrival and paid 50% of the daily rate, the settlement from 00:00 to 06:30 will be charged at the full cost of the daily rate.
    4. Departure time from the room eco-hotel «Villa Pinia» – 12:00. Eviction from the room from 12:00 to 18:00 hours considered a late check out and paid 50% of the daily rate, check out after 18:00 will be charged at the full cost of the daily rate.
    5. Providing services

    6. early arrival, late check-out, as well as the extension of Hotel may, subject to availability. On the need for late departure or extension of stay guest must notify the administrator of the reception no later than 2 hours before checkout time. Upon extension of stay guest is obligated to pay the entire cost of living for an extended period.
    7. eco-friendly hotel accepts guaranteed reservations in accordance with the rulesadvances and Policyand.
    8. When providing guest’s credit card, the hotel reserves the right to block funds for guest card as a guarantee your booking.
    9. hotel will charge the guest penalties in case of non-arrival or cancellation is not timely under the rulesadvances and canceled.
  3. order of registration of residence.
    • For residence registration presented passport birth certificate (for persons under 16 years), for foreign citizen – a national passport, valid visa (if necessary), or other identity document.
    • Making

    • accommodation service administrator performs reception
  4. Policies eco-hotel «Villa Pinia».
    1. In order to comply with fire safety regulations, guests staying at the hotel «Villa Pinia» is prohibited:
      • use non-electric heaters, irons, heaters, extension cords;
      • store and bring to room flammable and combustible materials are potent toxic materials, weapons, bulky items, chemical and radioactive substances. Large items (length, height, width exceeding 180 cm in total) shall be in the storage chamber;
      • smoke in the room;
      • cover included sconces and floor lamps.
    2. In order to ensure safety and security of guests staying in the eco-friendly hotel «Villa Pinia», is prohibited:
      • leave outsiders in the room in his absence;
      • be outsiders in the room without registration registration in the prescribed manner; in the absence of an identity document, the meeting should take place in the hotel lobby;
      • keep guns without proper documents;
      • throw garbage and bottles from hotel windows;
      • without the permission of the hotel management to keep pets in the room; Pets zhivitnymi regulated “Rules Pets zhivitnymi in eco-hotel” Villa Pinia “»
      • rearrange, take out of the room furniture, bedding;
      • commit acts entailing breach of peace and quiet at night guests;
      • in case of non-guests of the Rules of residence, the hotel management has the right to spend their early eviction.
      • for suspicious objects or persons in the number of rooms or on site, please immediately notify the manager on duty of the reception.
  5. Rights and obligations of guests staying
    1. eco-hotel guests are required to adhere to the established order of accommodation, cleanliness, fire safety, when leaving the room to close the taps, windows, entrance door to the room.
    2. When a missing personal belongings from the room, the guest is obliged to immediately inform the hotel manager on duty to take appropriate action.
    3. In case of loss or damage to the property of the hotel, guest, in accordance with applicable law, is obliged to compensate the damage caused to the hotel, according to the approved price list.
    4. Guests are responsible for the actions of visitors invited to his room.
    5. fee incurred long distance and international telephone calls made by hotel guests at the reception of the reception in the price list.
    6. guests at check must make full payment for the services provided by the hotel.
  6. Duties and Responsibilities of the hotel.
    1. hotel staff provides high quality guest service and proper sanitary condition of all premises and grounds.
    2. eco-friendly hotel offers, at their request, additional uslugisoglasno approved price lists.
    3. eco-friendly hotel is not responsible for the safety of the securities, money, possessions and valuables left in the room.
    4. In case of forgotten things, eco-friendly hotel is taking steps to return to their owner.
    5. Guest takes note and does not mind the fact of use in areas of the hotel (except for the rooms and guest bathroom) surveillance systems.
    6. eco-friendly hotel is not responsible for valuables that are not stored in the safe
    7. eco-friendly hotel is not responsible for the operation of urban services (emergency power outage, water)

Terms and canceled advances in eco-hotel Villa Pinia.

High and hot season (1.05 to 30.09) and New Year holidays (from 28.12 to 2.01)

Reservation (days inclusive)




16 or more

Advance (predavtorizatsiya, deposit) is the price for the selected category:

1 day

2 days

3rd day

5 days

Fines are payable at a rate of 50% of the cost of an advance – if canceled up to:

1 day

1 day

2 days

3rd day

When you will be charged a surcharge of 100% of the cost of an advance.

Low season (1.10 to 30.04)

Advance (predavtorizatsiya, deposit) is selected accommodation category for one night stay.
If canceled up to 1 day of arrival, no fee will be charged. If canceled later or in case of no-show, 100% of the first night.