Ekogostinitsa Villa Pinia – a piece of the future in Odessa. Having been there at least once, you can make sure that this place is special. Giving, in addition to a wonderful holiday, nor the incomparable pleasure of immersion in the ecological environment.

10 reasons why guests choose holidays in Odessa eco-hotel Villa Pinia:

Walking along the waterfront bike tour around the track health

Seascapes fascinating look beautiful at any time of year and in any weather, and scenic beauty, which is located Villa Pinia, has a unique charm. Take a walk through one of the most beautiful waterfronts in Odessa, or going on a bike tour on the most popular trails for Odessa health, you are making a significant contribution to the preservation and strengthening your health.

Clean air sea coast

Bracing sea air that permeated every corner of the eco-friendly hotel has unique health properties. It contains large amounts of salt and iodine, and its therapeutic effects on the body have been used in ancient times. Breathe healthy air and listen to the soothing sound of the waves – all these beneficial effects on health.

Steam treatments

Overcome the negative effects of aggressive environment will help Russian bath for a couple, rain showers, icy font and of course, skill parmeysterov ready to rush to your rescue organisms with oak, birch and eucalyptus brooms in hand.

Branded drinks eco

Steam treatments in eco-friendly hotel accompanied by traditional tea. In Villa Pinia give preference to tea, brewed from natural herbs, carefully collected and processed by a special recipe. Winter and summer herbal tea cheer, soothe, refresh, save us from the cold.

Jam from cones

Only in Villa Pinia you can taste unusual Shishkov jam c pleasant tar, tart-sweet taste is now a drug which has healing properties, which have long been used for colds and sore throat. After a visit to the Russian bath tea with a couple tablespoons of jam from pine cones to support the immune system and improve your mood.

All for healthy sleep

The eco-friendly take care of creating the ideal conditions for a healthy and deep sleep, but it helps in this pillow filled with buckwheat husk clean, with unique orthopedic properties and natural flavor carrier pleasant relaxation. The hotel uses only allergenic bedding made from eco-friendly natural materials.

Panoramic views of the sea

Opportunity to enjoy the magnificent views from the windows of each room – one of the main advantages of the hotel. Spectacular sea views from the panoramic windows, a great experience and fond memories of staying in eco-friendly hotel.


Fascinating trip on a yacht along the Black Sea coast of Odessa will experience the full sense of freedom and unity with the sea. Guests eco-hotel offers unforgettable scenery, swimming in the open sea, fishing, picnic, incredible emotions and thrills.

Filtration and water softening in the hotel, sorting garbage, the use of harmless detergents

Fundamental values ​​of eco-philosophy propagated in Villa Pinia literally everything, “from the kitchen to the laundry.” Here not only filtered water, but also soften. To maintain the cleanliness of the hotel uses only environmentally friendly and organic cleaning products that meet international standards and the certificates.

Energy-saving technologies

Another feature of the eco-hotel Villa Pinia – minimal amount of energy consumption on the service life of the hotel. High levels of insulation windows, economical use of lamps for lighting, a special coating of the facade, preserving most of the energy and other advanced energy-saving technologies will receive appreciation and approval ratings for the respect for the environment.