«Voznesensk – the dream of romance» – one of the “green” proposals “Veselka Tourism” along with a trip to the woods and Savranskii Umansky park is a favorite place of recreation, and Odessa citizens and visitors. Voznesensk – a major cultural and historical center of the Mykolaiv region. Founded in 1795 by Empress Catherine II and named in honor of the holy day – the Ascension. Voznesensk – considered the city of kings, gangsters and artists.

Our guided tour begins with a visit to the “Valley of the Devil” in Arbuzinsky canyon. Canyon called the failure of the bare steppe, granite chasm in crystalline shield, the bottom of which gurgling brook.

Granite rocks here reach a height of 30-50 meters, and are part of the regional landscape park “Granite Stepove Pobuzhzha” and the canyon is considered one of the oldest land masses of Eurasia. This area does not fall in the depths of the sea over 60 million years – hence a large number of unique objects of wildlife. Healthful, flavor infused herbs air and pristine pile of rocks will leave a lasting impression on this walk. Then – moving to the forest Skarzhinsky where we are waiting for tourist picnic with wine fortified “Green Guy”. A further object of travel is Trikratsky forest – the real wealth arid southern steppes in conjunction with centenary oaks. The forest was planted in the 70s of the XIX century by Count V. Skarzhinsky. Planted forest area crossed branches of the river with different folding and hanging bridges from one river bank to the other, so the tract in which we go and called “Maze“. Now this green area with spectacular scenery, which incidentally is a state nature reserve, covers an area of ​​247 hectares, and the largest of its value are considered old mighty 120-200 year old oaks, they are more 350. We will spend time in a fabulously beautiful place, surrounded by dense thickets , piles of rocks and streams with crystal clear cold water. After traveling through the woods to go lake ballast – is both a wonder of nature and the creation of human hands. On the one hand the high banks, dominated by the beautiful pine forest, on the other – the lake with cozy seating areas, swimming and fishing. The lake is crystal clear water with a diverse array of fish. More than a dozen years have chosen these places and swans can meet them here quite often. On the shore of the lake we Chelogach taste delicious, eat vegetables baked in the fire and all that zapem fragrant dessert wine. After such an eventful day, we experience the sea, fun and go home rested.

All transfers are made on a comfortable motor vehicle accompanied by a careful guide.

Structure tour:

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