Tavriya Green Farm

«Tavriya Green Farm » — huge database of ecological and ethnographic tourism, which is a real Ukrainian farms, recreated on islands surrounded by canals and filled with all sorts of entertainment for outdoor enthusiasts.

Entertainment is more than enough. Presenting your attention the supernovae «Torfodisneylend» — is riding in the passenger caterpillar tracked tractor trailer to the marshes (yay!). Here you can take a ride on quiet longboats on local channels, horse riding and different swing, play volleyball on nature, or football, or even mini-golf, and, of course, just take a walk, take pictures of nature and ourselves in Ukrainian national costumes.

Each farm – its peculiarities. On the main farm there Ethnographic Museum, fishing, small theater, where they played local creative teams, and shooting range, where you can practice shooting with all weapons that existed on these lands. Rybalskiy countryside even from housewives make enthusiastic angler. There are boats, nets, fishing rods and other fishing implements, both modern and vintage. If I want to hide somewhere and quietly commune with nature, at the same time watching the float, you here again – on Rybalskiy countryside. Kowalski on farms and artisan can spend time with benefit to themselves and to the house. Here you will learn the ancient methods of making Ukrainian pottery and metal decorative items that you will take away with them as a souvenir.

All transfers are made on a comfortable motor vehicle accompanied by a careful guide.


The structure of the tour:


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