Aleshkovsky Sands

It’s no secret that Ukraine – one of the richest European countries on unique creations of nature. We have the Black Sea coast, mountains, estuaries and healing the amazing beauty of the lake. Visit and you can last in Europe in the steppe land untilled Askania Nova, and canyons of the Southern Bug – one of the oldest parts of the land, which is not immersed in the depths of the sea over 60 million years. But there is another, perhaps the most unusual Ukrainian uniqueness. The country gardens and forests is the only desert in Europe – Aleshkovsky Sands. This is not just another gimmick or stylized exotic sandy beach. Real natural wonder Ukrainian desert area of ​​2100 square kilometers, is located in the Kherson region. Who is not strong in numbers, you can compare the size of the desert with the territory, at nine times the area of ​​Odessa. Only one plot sands occupy 15 to 20 kilometers: with its dunes, sand and even tornadoes oasis. Desert surrounds the world’s largest artificial protective ring of pine forests.

Aleshkovsky dunes with Saharan certainly did not argue, but seven-meter sand hills will make a considerable impression on tourists. In particular naturalistic desert landscape adds smallest sand. Gusts pick it up in the air and get real sand clouds that do not think to settle, and threaten to escalate into a real desert tornado. It remains to add just a little – in the summer sand surface is heated to 75 ° C, at this temperature is not that not run barefoot, you can safely fried fry. After such a description to be the only European desert once you start to be treated with respect, and if the sandstorm would not of small and stored water – just enough, even with a slight trepidation. Extreme smoothes Ukrainian real oasis, despite the adjective – it’s not a mirage. Here in the pine grove is a small lake with clean and cool water.

On inspection of the desert attractions tourists travel to all terrain vehicles, so very thirsty and do not have heat. But for beginners and a hike seems a serious challenge, so soon after trips to Aleshkovsky Sands are all waiting for lunch, “the Scythian” and tasting “Oleshye” among slender pines on the recreation center “Chumatskyi Krynica”.

All transfers are made on a comfortable motor vehicle accompanied by a careful guide.

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