This is a special tour for lovers of mountaineering, consisting mainly of a walking tour of the canyon river Mertvovod – «Small Crimea.” The length of the transition for about four hours. Route begins with a tour of the canyon along the river Aktovskomu Mertvovod. Aktovsky Canyon – part of the national landscape park “Granite Stepove Pobuzhzha”, and is considered one of the oldest land masses of Eurasia. This area does not fall in the depths of the sea over 60 million years – hence a large number of unique objects of wildlife. Granite rocks in these places sometimes reach 50 meters.

River Canyon Mertvovod interesting as a historical object. It is a sacred (religious) center Scythia. We see a huge area, flat granite boulder «Frying». He is partially submerged in the river and Mertvovod warms in the sun so that almost does not cool at night. River, sandwiched cliffs overcomes its way between boulders. Bubbling water crashing heard from afar. Streams of water falling on flat stones form baths with whirlpools, called a jacuzzi. Dropping from the top of the canyon to the river, we find ourselves in a valley surrounded on three sides by steep cliffs. This place is called «Stone bag». Here, even at noon, you can always find shade. See the famous «Teschin language». Fallen into the river rock, located in the center of the canyon and Aktovskogo its shape resembles the language. This place is one of the most beautiful rivers in the tract Mertvovod. Rocks step aside, and in the floodplain occurs green glade flooded with light «Sun Valley». Immediately arrange tourist outing with fortified wine “Green Guy”.

At the end of stay continue walking along the gorge to the final destination, where we will have a bus. Go to the lake ballast – is both a wonder of nature and the creation of human hands. On the one hand the high banks, dominated by the beautiful pine forest, on the other – the lake with cozy seating areas, swimming and fishing. The lake is crystal clear water with a diverse array of fish. More than a dozen years have chosen these places and swans, you can meet them quite often. On the shore of the lake we Chelogach taste delicious, eat vegetables baked in the fire and all that zapem fragrant dessert wine “Green Guy”. After such an eventful day, we experience the sea, fun and go home rested. All transfers are made on a comfortable motor vehicle accompanied by a careful guide.


The structure of the tour:


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