Land of the free roses

The tour begins with a trip to the country flower, where we can enjoy the beauty and fragrance of the set of ornamental plants and chat with amazing people who created the incredible beauty of the estate. Then go to the capital of our fabulous «Land of the free roses» – Petrovka village, where among the Ukrainian steppes and lonely proudly placed extraordinary castle. Crack open the mysterious veil of the past and experience the unfamiliar scent of distant times. Eyes gaze endless rolling steppe, covered with smoky haze and historic castle – former estate of honor kind Kuris. Two tall towers resembling Muslim minarets on both sides protect delicate Moorish front door. Walls with numerous protrusions and rounded towers and turrets are true gothic castle fortifications, only instead of the narrow loopholes they are decorated with lancet windows. From the back side – a huge terrace with a wonderful performance wide staircases that once lowered their masters to the already existent lake. At the top of the west wall is clearly visible large coat of arms, carved with the motto: “Let it be true.” Castle attracts, fascinates and like attracts its mystery and inaccessibility. It makes you want to touch this proud and mighty walls to feel the strength and power of yore, when the actions were noble, time passed slowly, and in the evenings in the elegant ladies lux dresses danced polonaise.

Continuing familiarity with the village of Petrovka, you go to the Church of the Intercession of the Virgin. Then, in a picturesque place Kominternovsky district – village Stepanivka, all waiting for rest in the shade of spreading trees and a delicious lunch: fragrant barbecue, potatoes in foil, baked on the fire, vegetables, wood samovar tea and sweets. Besides the wonderful scenery this place even as famous Russian manor Peredvizhnik Kuznetsov and his equally remarkable daughters – Mary Benoit. At one time steppe marvelous views and the scent of wildflowers here enjoyed Chaliapin, Serov, Repin, Pasternak, Tretyakov, Swordsmen. Refreshed, and you can visit the museum, located in the very residence of the artist.

We believe that the time spent by you in «Country Singles roses» transform the world around you and it will be a little better, a fabulous and romantic. All transfers are made on a comfortable motor vehicle accompanied by a careful guide.


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