Kinburn Spit

Kinburn Spit — is a peninsula located in the south of Ukraine and is a protected area.

Tatar name braids – Kyl-breaker – means hair or thin as a hair cape. Ha Spit are three villages: Vasilevka Pokrovka Pokrovsky and hamlets. Warm sea water and Limansk, spacious beaches, fine white sand and pristine nature, and about 200 freshwater and saline lakes, an incredible amount of birds and greenery – a paradise for tourists! This place is probably the only in Ukraine, which never reached civilization. Strange, because on Kinburn Spit people lived in ancient times. Proof of this – traces of the Late Bronze and antichnogoperioda. Here was the ceremonial center of the Scythians and, according to legend, this is where they hid their gold. In this area many centuries has been heavy fighting. In the western part of the spit was Kinburn battle – the first major victory of Russian troops under the command of Suvorov during the Russian-Turkish war of 1787 1792.Velikaya Patriotic War also left on this earth its mark. Still here, along with the soldiers’ helmets are bronze arrowheads. Visited here and Chumakov, who came for the salt. These places are imbued with the spirit of adventure, full of secrets and mysteries, legends and ancient legends.

Kos is a portion of this to the steppe vegetation of conifers, oaks, birches and other trees. In the mushroom season can find a huge amount of oil and big white mushrooms. Early Spring at Kinburn, sultry summer, the autumn is warm and dry. Here is found many species of animals, including a raccoon dog, spotted deer, fox, beaver, deer, hare, wolf, wild boar. Until the early twentieth century, there lived a strong big horse – wild horses. Kinburn Spit – it is also a bird kingdom. Infinite poultry flocks sweep over oblique in July-October, about half is winter. Kinburn can be found on birds such as thrush, crane, swan, white-tailed pheasant, egret, crane, white pelican, more than 300 types. At any time, in any weather, everyone here is waiting for your discovery! It is difficult to place in Ukraine, more suitable for ecotourism than Kinburn Spit.


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