Proud of this original stronghold of the ancient land is the city of Izmail. Over the centuries, here is firmly intertwined national, ethnic and cultural interests of many nations. Natural and climatic conditions they left their mark, and turned Bessarab – so called the natives of this land. People here truly became a unit of nature: each is well able to fish from an early age knows how to make good wine and no problem to prepare and present Eid kovormu. Also Bessarabian color, izmailchane surprise for its historical feats. The city has many monuments from the times of the Russian-Turkish war. You will walk provincial streets, visit old Marine Station, diorama «Storming the fortress of Izmail», Pokrovsky Cathedral and of course visited the monument to Alexander Suvorov.

The first part of the tour ends on the picturesque banks of the Danube Kiliya sleeves, where there is a cozy recreation. Here participants travel awaits a hearty meal: fish and fish soup, which is prepared on the fire, local wine and herbal tea. Recreation area is decorated with stocking the lake with places for swimming and fishing, equipped with a volleyball court and shelter from the sun can be a cane picnic pavilions.

Little rest and go on a boat trip on the Danube to the island Tataru. ‘s Boat “Lebedevka” we will overcome the distance of nine kilometers. But what is nine kilometers away! All the beauty of the delta with its natural inhabitants appear to your eyes. And the island itself will strike even hardened concrete jungle dwellers – at the center – a huge lake, here you can swim and fish. The rich flora and fauna and even so write all reserved places on Tataru dragonflies, butterflies, birds and green frogs notice even lazy. And how many impressions you give watching white wild buffaloes, which were brought to the island in the beginning of this century from the reserve “Askania Nova”! Here tourists can make a real PhotoHunt . Enriched with new knowledge with a lot of pleasant experiences and fototrofeyami travelers go home. Vmese difficult as many events in a single day, but we tried.


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