Askaniya Nova

Biosphere Askania Nova – a unique natural monument located in southern Ukraine: here is Europe’s only land untilled steppe. The reserve covers an area of ​​11 hectares, which contain a large number of animals and birds. The most valuable reserve abundance of steppe grasses and flowers, there are about 400 species. Interesting fact that Askaniya Nova is a part of “100 great reserves and parks” world.

As for the works of human hands, there are ancient burial mounds and stone Scythian women. Of the later masterpieces of great interest Askaniyskoy Park area of ​​about 200 hectares, which is very different from the wild steppe zone. He split according to a strict plan. The park has about 150 species and forms of trees and shrubs. Aquifolium maple, Crimean pine, columnar and pyramidal oaks, juniper, elm, fir, ash, black locust, the water – the weeping willows. Center of the composition of the park occupies a picturesque pond. And all this in dry steppe Tavria!

On the reserve can meet representatives of more than 60 species of birds: white and black swans, flamingos, cranes, bustards, little bustards, partridges, the most different kinds of larks. Sometimes you can see the steppe eagle, increasingly found Pallid Harrier, flying low over the ground. In cages can admire African ostriches, emus, rheas, bustards, pheasants, peacocks, steppe eagles, crowned cranes and parrots. In a kind of zoo reserve contains a unique collection of animals. Zebras, camels South American, Indian and African antelope, deer. In the steppe grazing llama, Shetland ponies, wild horse – wild horses (Przewalski’s horse), American bison, kaffir buffaloes; Saigaks – ancient ungulates peers mammoths. Lots of small animals such as mice, hamsters, and there jerboa. Predators, ferrets, foxes, weasels, stoats and meet.


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